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Isle of Man 50p Coin from 1975 to 2016 by Theme

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Isle of Man 50p coin from 1975 to 2016 by theme, circulating currency coin part.

Here we go, …

  • 1975 Viking boat in full-sail 50p coin (Start, PM).
  • (Note: The reverse was created by the Royal Mint. This coin below it belongs to 1972/1973/1974 theme. Therefore, BU kind — (1972/73/74/75) & PF kind — (1971/72/73/74).)

  • 1976 IOM Viking longboat 50p coin with Odin’s Raven in 1976/1977/1978/1979(t).
  • 1979 IOM Viking Millennium Voyage 50p coin, associated with A/B/C/D sequence, in 1979.
  • (Note: Tynwald Millennium Voyage and Royal Visit IOM events were held in July simultaneously.)

  • 1980 IOM Viking boat in full-sail 50p coin in 1980aa/81aa/82ac/83aa.
  • 1984 IOM Viking boat in shield 50p coin in 1984aa/85aa/86aa/87aa.
  • 1988 IOM Personal Computer 50p coin in 1988aa/89aa/90aa/91aa & 1992aa/93aa/94aa/95aa.
  • 1996 IOM T.T.-related 50p coin in 1996aa/97aa/98aa/99aa.
  • 2000 IOM Christianity 50p coin in 2000aa/01aa/02aa/03aa.
  • 2004 IOM Miller’s Tower 50p coin in 2004aa/05aa/06aa/07aa & 2008aa/09aa/10aa/11aa & 2012aa/13aa/14aa/15aa & 2016aa (The End, PM).
  • The 4th portrait and the 5th portrait of Q E II and the Pobjoy own portrait in transit in 2015 from the perspectives of Tynwald and the Pobjoy Mint. In order to know more about Q E II portraits in details, visit Royal Mint website [adapted on 23/08/2018].
  • (Note: The Pobjoy own portrait was only used on circulating commemorative coins (i.e., IOM T.T. and Xmas).)

Note for this part: Die letters may vary from coins to coins above over the period of 1979 to 2016. However, we use AA/aa version instead here.

The new mint and the new coin, new future?

  • 2017 IOM Ram 50p coin in 2017 by the Tower Mint.

However, story is about to be continued…