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Great Britain 50 Years of The 50p Coin

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50 Years of the 50p Coin, Great Britain from 1969 to 2019

It is a part that shows key designs in year order during the period of 50 years, in terms of reverse design only. It may come across portrait changes during the time.

50 Years.

  • 50p coin: Britannia 1969 (left) vs. Britannia 2019 (right) (winner in design)
    • Royal coat of arms 2013 (runner-up in design, both by Christopher Ironside)

Generally speaking, product quality, in terms of numismatic grade, is improving from basic to deep proof like over years. Nothing is worth mentioning here really. The 2019 50p coin was taken from the Royal Mint Experience strike your own (syo), and originally only the place where you were able to purchase. However, the Royal Mint changed rules after the big sales of 50 years of the 50p coin proof standard and silver proof standard. It makes the 2019 50p syo coin a bit controversial.

“New” omitted in 1982.

  • 50p coin 1982 (left) vs. 1969 (right)

2nd Portrait to 3rd Portrait in 1985

  • 2nd portrait [1969, 1984] vs. 3rd portrait [1985, 1997]

GB 1st 50p circulating silver coin in 1996

  • 50p Silver proof coin seated Britannia in 1996
    • Provenance: the 25th Anniversary of decimalisation in 1996, UK vs. IOM

The 50p silver proof coins, both UK and IOM, were presented in proof set that only sold to collector. Note the significant difference between UK and IOM is that UK proof and/or year mint was still in place in 1996. Also, the two 50p silver coins were then circulating coin (i.e., coins in daily use). In terms of popularity, the IOM 50p coin above is great in demand. According to its coa, 1996 sets were produced in 1996. At this point, it is clear to say that UK numismatic products are among high value denominations like £2 £1 and £5 before 2008.

Resized from 30.00mm to 27.30mm in 1997.

  • 50p coin: 1997 large (left) vs. 1997 small (right)
    • The existence of a choice between 7-sided 50p and circular 50p in 1994

Seated Britannia went down instead by Shield in 2008.

  • 50p coin 2008 Seated Britannia (left) vs. 2008 Shield (right) & 4th portrait [1998, 2015]

During the period of 50 years, a very 1st commemorative 50p coin struck at the Royal Mint and at the Pobjoy Mint respectively, from the perspective of minter and understanding numismatic products. UK, it was 1973, which UK first joined the European Economic Community. Isle of Man, it was 1978, which was the 25th Anniversary of Coronation of the Queen E II. The two special 50p coins are shown at Point A and B below in depth.

  • 50p coin 1973 UK EEC PF vs. 1978 IOM PF

Point A. Within the period of 50p years, contemporary GB history also created on 50p coins in 1973 and 1992/93.

  • 50p coin 1973 (left) vs. 1992/93 (right) (BU in grade)
    • 50p coin 1973 (left) vs. 1992/93 (right) (circulating type)

Point B. A 1979 Isle of Man 50p base proof coin. This is a very special coin in the range of UK 50p coins. In terms of finish, it is finalised with a proof finish, earlier than Royal Mint 1st 50p base proof coin in 1982.

  • 50p 1978 Proof coin
    • 50p 1978 coin (circulating coin)

50 years of the 50p coin first release (early 2019)
50 years of the 50p coin second release (mid 2019)
50 years of the 50p coin third release, possible…? If you are keen to GB 50p coins, please go back and see 40 years of the 50p coin in 2009. But, there is nothing new and creative. It is more like a revision of 2009 job lot.

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