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Royal Mint 50p Coin the Single Market EEC 1992

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1992 Royal Mint 50p Coin the Single Market EEC

Before we get into this topic, I would like to give you a short introduction on 50p coin made in 1992. Two aspects it will be covered, a). history and b). 50p coin re-size in 1997, as follows:

a). The UK in 1973 joined European Economic Community (EEC) as members under the Treaty of Rome (1957-1992). In 1973, the Royal Mint had issued Hand-in-Hand (representing a circle) on 50p coins to commemorate this event. And upon the Treaty of Maastricht (1992-2007) European Union (EU) was formed for establishing the Single Market, and the UK was the presidency of the council of ministers during 2nd half of 1992. Therefore, in 1992/93, the Royal Mint had issued 12 stars around a table to commemorate the Single Market in Europe with dual dated 50p coins. Note this is the first dual-dated 50p coin even the very first dual-dated decimal coin.

b). In 1997, all 50p coins with 30.00mm in diameter and 13.00g in weight were resized to 27.30mm in diameter with a weight of 8.00g. Therefore, all large 50p coins were stopped in circulation.

The Single Market/EEC 50p coins made in 1992 only had 109,000 mintage (by official number). If a collector wants to find one on the market, it would be hard because of point b). said above. People argue that we have money and not that hard. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Most the Single Market/EEC 50p coins come from decimal year set (i.e., BUNC). You would never know how many 1992 mint sets were made. All dual-dated 50p BUNC coins give more room to the demand of looking for a 1992/93 50p coin.

At present, only the way to find a circulating EEC 50p coin is showing from FDC generally.

  • The Single Market/EEC dual-dated 50p UNC coin 1992 from FDC

In contrast to a dual-dated 50p BUNC coin 1992,

  • The Single Market/EEC dual-dated 50p BUNC coin 1992 from decimal year set.

After a look between UNC and BUNC, you will make your own decision on how much you are going to pay and which one you are going to pay for.

However, this type of BUNC has changed a lot in 2000 onwards.

  1. Seated Britannia 50p PL coin (2000)
  2. Library 50p PL coin (2000)


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