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Falkland Islands Christmas Penguins 50p Coins VS. Isle of Man Christmas Colour-printed 50p Coins

Falkland Islands Xmas Penguins 50p coin & its colour-printed version

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This topic talks about the theme of Penguins struck on Fifty pence coin by the Pobjoy Mint in 2017. In the following parts, we will cover the first Penguin 50p coin and the first colour-printed its kind 50p coin. Then you will have your own picture on products made by the Mint.

So, let we have a look at the first Penguin first. The 50p coin was released in 1995 on behalf of government of Gibraltar (GIB). Extra info: the GIB government assigned the contracts to the Mint from 1988 to 2003.

  • 1995 GIB Xmas 50p standard finish coin

However, the story of Penguins is not over yet on the Falklands Islands (FLK) 50p coins. Soon later, the first Xmas Penguin 50p coin was released in Nov 2017. This time, the Mint only do carded version on Xmas Penguins and the entire coins were sold out within a day! But how many people realise what sort of coins they are buying?

  • 2017 FLK Xmas Penguins 50p colour-printed coin

If you take a closer look at the Xmas Penguins 50p coin, you will find quality of the Penguins are really low in comparison to 2003 IOM Xmas 50p coin Snowman and James.

  • Colour-printed Xmas 50p coins: Penguins (FLK) vs. Snowman and James (IOM)

You may think, yes, Penguins are characteristics of Falkland Islands, where is a place of British Overseas Territory (i.e., BOT). If you think harder and further, you will see that no any good products will be made and produced by the Mint, and only cash-up.

  • Penguins: 1995 GIB Xmas 50p coin vs. 2017 FLK Xmas Penguins 50p coin

Two things need to be addressed here. First, theme Penguins, has long been existed since 1995 so it is a old topic. Secondly, the quality of colour-printed coins is really too low if you look at the 2003 Snowman one.

On this day, 12/12/2017, I have to say that are you all really like Penguins related coins? Because, yesterday, 11/12/2017, the Pobjoy Mint just sold out 950 sets of circulated 50p coins at £50.00 (incl. VAT) each set. Wait, what! Another Penguins set? Yes. Is it different with others released earlier this year? No! So, let we count how many Penguins are already in the market–12 coins in 4 categories. Category 1: Error (x1), Category 2: Coloured (x4 regular version + x1 Xmas) and Category 3: Circulated (x4 regular version + x1 Xmas), Category 4: Piedfort Xmas (x1). 12 coins in number have been produced in 2017, a single year which after they divorced with the IOM. What does that 12 mean? It is very simple, CASH UP! Will the coins be worth more in the future? Probably no, it is only related to people who are really care about the mintage. That is it. A few years later, once you look back at these Penguins coins, what a big joke it was. But, on the contrary, the IOM Xmas series is going to shoot up in price somehow in the future.

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