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Gibraltar Christmas 50p Coin in 2017 Father Christmas

Gibraltar 2017 Xmas 50p Diamond Finish (DF) and Brilliant Uncirculated Finish (BU) Coins

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This year, 2017, the government of Gibraltar gives permission to the Pobjoy Mint to strike its commercial coinage business especially commercial 50p coins. Bear in mind that this year, 2017, the government of Isle of Man gives permission to the Tower Mint to strike its coinage. So, you are able to see the Xmas theme on gibraltar coins again. But, The Xmas theme is on the Falkland Island coinage, Christmas Penguins. To Gibraltar, the Xmas-related theme this year is Father Xmas (or Santa Clause), and the exactly same with coins they made in 1992. Yes, it has been 25 years on when the Pobjoy Mint restrike their own idea on GIB coins. The only difference between 1992 and 2017 is diameter of the coins and 2-eyeball vs. 1-eyeball. There is nothing new to talk over it but too many things on the latter one.

  • 2017 Gibraltar Xmas 50p Diamond Finish (DF) coin.
  • Note: Father Xmas has had only one eyeball!!

  • 2017 Gibraltar Xmas 50p Diamond Finish (DF) coin with COA.
  • Note: This year the Pobjoy Mint keep COA and Coin together, which is meaningless!!

  • 2017 Gibraltar Xmas 50p diamond finish (DF) coin on its own.
  • Note: BUNC and DF coins have no difference in any way.

The 50p coin above was originally stored in card with its COA at back, saying 10,000 coins of diamond finish minted at the Pobjoy Mint. For a real coin collector, the coin is the most important object to hold no matter what. So, this brings out a very interesting topic what a diamond finish coin is really? As so far, blanks for a diamond finish coin are pre-polished, and this is confirmed by the Mint. This leads the field area of a DF coin should have mirror-liked area or strong reflectivity.

The theme, Father Christmas. 1992 version, it looks like Father Xmas happy, but, by contrast, 2017 version makes Father Xmas unhappy or crying with one eye ball or like Father Pirate Xmas.

  • 1992 2-eye balls coin vs. 2017 1-eye ball coin.
  • Note: Father Xmas the 1992 version and Father Pirate Xmas the 2017 version is obviously different on either drawing or coin techs. A 25-year downhill gap that it has been created between 1992 and 2017.

Later on, they decided to put another batch of 2017 Xmas 50p coins into circulation (mintage unknown). If you have a very close look at so-called BU coins, you probably find nothing. So, the batch of 10,000 carded version and the batch of circulation coins are the exactly same. However, one thing totally different is how to present to coin collectors. This means the Mint spend a lot of time on how to design outside package instead spend more time on how to design a good artwork for coin collectors.

  • 2017 Gibraltar Xmas 50p brilliant uncirculated finish (BU) coin on its own.
  • 2017 Gibraltar Xmas 50p diamond finish (DF) and brilliant uncirculated (BU) coins together.

A question, could you identify which one is a Diamond Finish coin from above??? It is really hard to point out which one it is. However, they all are the same condition in different ways. That Is It. So, “only” 10,000 so-called diamond finish in cards exist if you want to keep the consistency, and the others, single coins, it is a coin for daily use. The Mint is really smart this year, however, how many collectors are really after them at all?

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