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Isle of Man Viking Boat 50p in 1982 with privy Babycrib

Isle of Man Viking Boat 50p coin in 1982 with the babycrib privy mark

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It is very interesting to talk about this babycrib privy. Because, 1982 it is the year of birth of future King in the UK. Also, it is only the commemorative coin to celebrate this great moment on British coinage. Normally, the batch code on 1982 50p coins should have done with AA (or similar code), but the code was AC only instead AA (or similar code) and then a small portion of the privy coins was on BU coins and proof coins, of course silver coins as well. The AC die letters is really a sign to let you recall 1979 AC ones as quick as you can.

  • The medallion found only in silver collector sets.

Let we start with AC circulating 50p coins first. If you have a little bit knowledge of die marks (or batch codes) on the Pobjoy Mint coins, you probably notice that the appearance of AC it is really special this year. The die mark of AC we have talked in other article, please find it from Die Marks AC on categories on your right bar. Therefore, this kind of 50p coins with AC are really normal ones.

  • 1982 Isle of Man Viking Boat 50p coin with AC.

Here, it confirms that sequence C is used to commemorate a special occasion or event on IOM numismatic products. Also, the C is absolute right under control of the IOM government, meaning the C representing Tynwald.

Soon later, because the existence (–birth of future King in the UK–) of this important moment, the Mint updated 1982 circulating 50p coins to a very special privy babycrib on BUN coins Proof coins and Silver proof coins.

  • 1982 Isle of Man Viking Boat 50p BU coin with the babaycrib privy.

Therefore, a common 1982 IOM 50p coins has two versions ordinary and special ones. For special ones, they made them on CN with/out a proof finish, and on silver with a proof finish as well.

  • 1982 Isle of Man Viking Boat 50p PF coin with the babycrib privy.
  • 1982 Isle of Man Viking Boat 50p Silver PF coin with the babycrib privy.

Last not least, the stamp issued in 1982 was really beautiful.

  • 1982 Isle of Man stamp.

It seems all happiness stopped there, that smile, and the was-little baby in crib is now expecting a third child in their family. Time flies by fast, but where is the women in that photo?

I spend many words on the Pobjoy Mint in all my blogs. But one day, I realise that I only spend a few words on the Tynwald. I was wrong, because I did not see the relationship between the Tynwald and the Pobjoy Mint. The Pobjoy mint is a minter, and is nothing without any permission from a government. Some good coins produced by the Pobjoy mint on behalf of the government of Isle of Man (the Tynwald) were presenting the relationship between the Tynwald and England. For instance, 1979 50p coins, 1982 50ps and 2012 50ps. I personally encourage you to learn history of IOM, and then you will see more valuable coins made by the Pobjoy mint.

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